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Credit Card Conversion

Exciting changes are coming to MPECU’s Visa Credit Card Program!

We’re converting our Visa Credit Cards to a new, more advanced system. In addition to the MPECU service you’re used to, our new program will offer you the choice between a rewards card and a lower interest rate card.  Our new rewards card will offer you the travel perks you’re used to in addition to cash back and gift cards. The lower rate card will offer you a rate up to 2.00% APR lower than your rate.

What You Need to Know about Your New Card:

-Your old MPECU Visa (blue and white card) will stop working on April 27th. You will stop accumulating points on this card on April 30th. You will have until June 24, 2020 to redeem them.

-Activate your new card and start using it on Monday, April 27th. You WILL need to set up any reoccurring transactions like subscriptions and memberships with your new card.

-You can view history and statements, set up alerts, manage rewards, and make payments through MPECU’s online banking or through the mobile app. The new card will not be managed through the previous EZ Card website—it will only be managed through MPECU’s Online Banking. Please let us know if you need assistance setting up an online banking account.

-Due dates will remain the same and paper statements will be mailed out as before. If you currently receive e-statements for your regular MPECU accounts, you will receive your MPECU Credit Card statements as e-statements. These new e-statements will be located in the same tab as your current e-statements.

Please let us know before March 25, 2020 if you prefer the lower rate card or the rewards card by filling out the form below. You can also call us at (218) 336-1800.

We look forward to serving you with this enhanced credit card program!

***If we do not hear from you before March 25, 2020, the lower rate card will be issued.***

Important Dates:

Do not use this card after April 27:

Begin using these cards on April 27: