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Co-op Principles

1- Voluntary and Open Membership

MPECU is owned by our diverse field of members and we operate exclusively for their benefit. Service is our only mission.

2- Democratic Member Control

Our Board of Directors is comprised of elected members, not those who have the most money in the credit union.

3- Members’ Economic Participation

The more you as a member use MPECU services, the more you benefit. We reinvest our profits back into our membership with better rates and lower fees.

4- Autonomy and Independence

MPECU is owned by our members—those who use our services. We aren’t controlled by or beholden to any other entity.

5- Education, Training, and Information

We’re big believers in Financial Education. We have volunteered an estimated 1,400 hours per year helping our members better understand financial topics which make a difference in their lives.

6- Cooperation Among Cooperatives

We work with several other cooperatives to provide you services. From our investment services to our network of shared branches and ATMs—it’s just better with cooperation.

7- Concern for Community

We love our communities. MPECU staff are involved with a variety of charities and community organizations in order to support the place where we live and work.