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As a member or member-to-be, you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions here.

Am I eligible to join MPECU?

You can see which employer groups MPECU currently serves by clicking here. Not working on any of the businesses on the list? You can always join if you are the spouse, immediate family member of a current member, or a non-relative who lives with a current member. Also—if you own 5 shares of ALLETE stock you are also eligible to join (check your investment/retirement portfolio!)

How can I set up Direct Deposit or other deposits into my MPECU account?

Your payroll department will need certain account information in order to set up direct deposit.  They will need MPECU’s routing number and your account number. In some cases, they will also need a voided personal check from you. You can find information on depositing into your checking account at the bottom of your checks:

If you’d like to deposit into your MPECU savings account, use MPECU’s Routing Number: 291973755 and your 5- or 6-digit account number.

If you’d like your direct deposit to be split multiple ways once it arrives at MPECU, please call us at (866) 724-9339 to set up your distributions.

How can I change the PIN on my Debit or Credit Card?

For security reasons we are UNABLE to see or change the PIN number on your Mastercard Debit Card or Visa Credit Card.

Debit Card PIN Changes-You can change the PIN number by calling our vendor’s automated line at: (800) 717-4923.

Credit Card PIN Changes-Please call us at (866) 724-9339 and we will request a new PIN to be mailed to you.

What is the Daily Dollar Limit set on my debit card for a purchase? What about an ATM withdrawal?

Unless you’ve called us to temporarily or permanently change the limits, they are set at $1,000 per day for purchases and $315 per day for ATMs.

Do I have Life Insurance through MPECU?

If you have signed up through our partner TruStage, you do have Life Insurance with your MPECU account. To verify, contact TruStage directly at (866) 277-9528 for questions and claims.

Is there a limit to the number of transfers I can make out of my savings account?

Under Federal Regulation D, you are limited to only doing 6 unsigned transactions out of your savings account per month—this includes ATMs and online transactions. If you find you are reaching your limit of 6 month after month, try transferring larger amounts in fewer transactions. If you’ve reached your 6th of the month and require more, please call us and we can have you e-sign for the transaction.

Do you offer Notary Services?

We do offer notary service at all three locations. You must have a current photo ID in order to have documents notarized.

Do you offer Medallion Stamp Services?

We offer Medallion Stamp Services up to $100,000 at all three locations. You must have a current photo ID and most recent stock statement.

How can I reset my Online password?

You can always reset your Online Access Password yourself by hitting “Forgot Password” link. When you originally set up online access, you set up an independent question and answer in order to reset yourself, which you can always see under the Settings tab within online.

If you need help, you can call us to reset you. Reach us at (866) 724-9339 Monday through Friday 8 am until 5 pm CST (excluding Federal Holidays).

I want to transfer to another member from within my online account. I have their account number, but what is a “Share ID”?

A Share ID is a 4 digit number which indicates which sub-account to put the money into. Common Share IDs:

0000-Membership Savings
0026-Star Tiered Savings
0030-Holiday Club

Why are some of my Bill Payments made electronically and some with a paper check?

It depends on who you are sending money to. Whenever possible, our Bill Pay vendor sets up an electronic payment to pay your bill. If they do not have an established electronic means to pay a recipient, they will send a paper check instead.

How do I set up an External Transfer between MPECU and another Financial Institution?

Sign into your online account. Click on the External Transfers link.

When the External Transfers page displays, click on Add Account and follow the steps to add in the non-MPECU account. The system will send a test deposit to the account you establish within a day or two of submitting this information PLEASE NOTE: You MUST sign into the MPECU online system and enter in the amount of the test deposit in order to complete the linking process. You can do so by going to the External Transfers area once again to enter in the information. Once this is done, the accounts are linked. You can send and receive money between MPECU and your other account. There is no fee for this service.

You can move money between the two accounts via online and from MPECU’s mobile app once the accounts are linked.

How can I send money from my MPECU account?

There are a few ways to do this:

  1. External Transfers
    If this will be a reoccurring transfer, link the non-MPECU account to your MPECU account within your Online account (see above on how to set these up). There is no fee for this service.
  2. Wire Transfer
    You can wire the money. In order to initiate a wire, you will need the wiring instructions for the financial receiving the money. Once you have the instructions, stop in or call us to start the wiring process. The cutoff times for wires is 3:30 PM CST.  There is a $15 wire fee for a domestic wire and a $50 wire fee for an international wire. Please note: the receiving institution may also have an incoming wire fee. It’s best to ask when you call for their wiring instructions.
  3. Corporate Check
    Call or stop in and we can cut a corporate check from your account, take it with you or have us mail it to you. There is no fee for this service.
  4. Online Bill Pay
    Sign into Online and set up a new Bill Pay payee under the Bill Pay tab. New to Bill Pay? Read and accept the disclosures and set up your payees. There is no fee for this service.

I’m trying to view my e-statement but the screen jus states “Redirecting to E-statements” and isn’t going anywhere. Why?

Check your browser’s pop up blocker to allow pop ups. The E-statement window pops up in a separate screen. You should only have to accept pop ups once to avoid this problem in the future.