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Financial Counseling

Debt-stress can impact all areas of life and can rob you of confidence for your future. MPECU has partnered with LSS Financial Counseling in order to give you an advocate in creating financial wellness and stability.

Members of MPECU (and members of their households) can attend six financial counseling sessions with LSS free of charge.

In-person or over the phone topics include:

• Budget Planning
• Emergency Fund Savings
• Reverse Mortgage Counseling
• Student Loan Counseling

• Debt Management Plans
• Credit Report Review and Repair
• Financial Problem Solving
• Foreclosure Prevention

LSS has created some short videos on popular Personal Financial Topics. View them here!

Call 800-528-2926 or get started online!

MPECU Member Success Story:

Member “Carl”, had two appointments within a month to work on addressing his student loans.  At the time of the appointment, Carl was out of work with many barriers to getting employment.  His student loans were in default due to having so much financial chaos going on.  Carl told the counselor he didn’t know where to even start when it came to addressing the student loans.  The counselor walked him through the options of getting the loans back into good standing and helped him ensure he felt comfortable both with his short-term options and long-term repayment plans.  He stated that this would help him to feel better about getting a job as he has been very nervous about being garnished.

When the counselor connected with him recently for the year-after review, he stated that the loans are now in good standing and he’s been working and feeling really good about moving forward in other areas of his finances as well.  The counselor talked to him about savings and he mentioned that would be nice, as he feels like he can actually do that now.