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Credit Card Security

Lost or Stolen Card

U.S. 888-297-3416

Overseas – Call Collect 206-389-5200

A VISA Representative will start the process to close the lost/stolen card and to set up a new account or reissue a card that should reach you in ten business days. You may also be asked to contact MPECU.

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Have you been a victim of fraud or identity theft? Use this step by step guide for reporting and recovery from the Federal Trade Commission.

Fraud Monitoring and Notification

When our card processor detects unusual activity on your credit card, they will notify you to prevent fraudulent charges from posting to your account, or to verify that you really did authorize the purchase. It’s important to keep your phone number updated with MPECU so you can receive these notifications.

Text Messages – all texts for this service will come from 96923
A text message from Visa will notify you of unusual card activity. You will NOT be asked to provide your card number. Reply Yes to confirm or No to deny. There is no charge for these text alerts.

Voice Calls – all calls for this service will come from 800-237-8990
If you can’t receive texts, or don’t respond to the text notification, you will receive an automated call to verify the unusual activity. You will be asked to confirm if you made the transaction. Be cautious of scam calls that ask you to provide information, such as your full card number.

Email notifications
If you have an email address on file, you might also be notified of unusual card activity by email.


If you are traveling with your credit cards, please contact us to prevent your cards from being suspended for suspicious activity.